Acsr Certification Agreement

To obtain your ACSR: Elite certification, you must meet all of the current ACSR recertification requirements and have a valid ACSR certification status for each component of the ACSR: Elite program. Please contact your local Avid education team for the latest details. THE ACSR: Media Composer certification shows that you have the technical and operational skills you need to install, manage, support and fix Avid Media Composer editing systems in any configuration, on Macintosh or Windows platforms. As an ACSR, you will be the frontline of the defense to run the installation smoothly. If you need backup support, your ACSR status helps you access Avid`s senior support team and connects you to the global community of avid certified support staff. This AWS Certification Program Agreement (the "CPA") contains conditions that govern your participation in the AWS certification program (as defined below) between Amazon Web Services, Inc. ("AWS," "we," "us" or "our") and you ("you"), and is an addition to your AWS customer contract (available at (the "customer contract"), as it can be updated from time to time. By agreeing to these conditions, you are telling us that you are legally in a position to participate in this CPA. If you are between the age of 13 and 17, your parent or guardian must accept the terms of this CPA on your behalf to allow you to participate in the program. The wholesale terms that are not defined in this CPA have the meanings that are defined in the customer agreement. "AWS Certification" refers to a specific certification name that you may receive from us, which indicates that you scored on certain AWS products or services during a certification exam and that you met other certification requirements, as we have indicated.

"AWS Certification Program" or "Program" refers to the program in which we provide certain AWS certifications. "AWS certification site" (and all successors or associated sites designated by AWS) that can be updated from time to time by AWS. References to the AWS site in the customer agreement include the AWS certification site. "AWS trademarks" refers to all trademarks, service marks, service or commercial names, logos and other names of AWS and its subsidiaries that we make available to you as part of this CPA or program.



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