Agreement With Video

When the client cancels after acceptance of one or more project results, the total amount to be paid by the client (the "sub-project") is the higher amount (A) of the total project price multiplied by the number of project results accepted by the client divided by the total number of project results, plus any additional expenses incurred by Creative at the client`s request, which were not included in the initial project price or (B) of the Commission. If the client. B cancels a project worth USD 4000 after accepting 2 of the 5 project execution data, the amount for the sub-project is 4,000 x 2/5 - 1,600 USD. In this example, if Creative had, at the customer`s request, generated a $250 site booking fee after the project price was created, the sub-project amount would be $1,600 - $250 - $1,850. If the down payment paid by the client in accordance with Section 4, point b), exceeds the amount of the sub-project, the client is reimbursed the amount already paid by the client for the project in excess of the sub-project amount, the rest being attributable to Creative, net of the Commission. If the sub-project amount exceeds the down payment made by the client under item 4 (b), the customer immediately pays the additional amount via the website. Regardless of the above, the client and creative may accept another sub-project, subject to the agreement of La Video Brewery, as long as the Commission changes. Cancellation by Creative. Creative may waive its obligation to complete the project by sending a copy to to the customer for at least 10 days under the section 1 email. In the event of Creative`s cancellation, the customer receives a full refund of all the money he previously paid for the project, minus all list fees specified in the Terms of Use, and Creative receives no funding for the project.

Using a standard video production contract should be a normal part of your process of working with a customer. The video production contract should be discussed and signed before work on the project begins. We have received numerous requests from independent production companies and/or cameramen regarding a standard video production agreement, and Nimia Legal provides this free model version. The client can cancel a project by informing Creative by sending a copy to at the creative address at the address listed in Section 1. This video service agreement (this "agreement") is identified between the customer and Creative below and refers to the video creation project (the "project"), as described on the website (the "website") and as described below. Customer and Creative agree that this agreement regulates Creative`s commitment to related services and services (together "services") by the client in the project. In light of the reciprocal obligations set out in this agreement, parties wishing to be legally bound agree to independent contractors.



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