Antenuptial Agreement Black`s Law

If both parties were consulted prior to the signing of the agreement with lawyers, it could be assumed that they were aware of the content and "substantial details" of the agreement and its rights if the agreement was not signed. But as in the case of Robbie and Michelle, the verification of the agreement by a lawyer before the marriage does not automatically satisfy the requirement that a party be aware of the essential details of the agreement and how those provisions affected its rights. Black Law Group LLC strives to provide our customers with quality representation and we highly recommend marital agreements. A marriage contract is a contract that can protect your property in the event of divorce or death, as well as protect you from the issue of simony support in the event of divorce. A marriage agreement not only protects you, but also saves you time and money by minimizing lawsuit costs related to real estate and Aimony sharing issues. If you are thinking about marriage, a marriage agreement is an important instrument that can ensure the safety of both parties. Finally, you will want to check whether there was an inappropriate influence, constraint or coercion of one party with respect to another party when the agreement was executed. Inappropriate influence, coercion and coercion are also specific legal concepts that require evidence. For example, inappropriate influence "[d] it is misuse of power or trust in a way that deprives one person of free will and replaces the objectives of another . . .

the exercise of sufficient control over another person, that a questioned act would not otherwise have been carried out, for the person`s freedom of choice would have been exceeded. Black`s Law Dictionary (10th edition 2014). Undue influence does not mean that a person has a different psychological or emotional pressure. It`s more than that. By factor number two, you also want to understand the term "reflection." Reflection is a legal term that means "something (such as an act, an indulgence or a promise of return) that is negotiated and received by a promisor from a promise." Black`s Law Dictionary (10th edition 2014). In other words, a valid antenuptial agreement requires negotiation and requires one party to give something in exchange for the other party`s agreement on the terms of the antenuptial contract. This means that there is more to consider about your circumstances at the time you sign the antenuptial agreement than previously planned. More controversy over whether the validity of such an agreement is called into question in a divorce; and no longer take language into account in future antenuptial agreements. At The Black Law Group LLC, we firmly believe that the "power of knowledge" is in divorce and family law. We are passionate about family law and are committed to intelligent, thoughtful and thorough representation that responds zealously and sensitively to the needs of our clients. Learning and understanding your rights and options in a divorce before you actually get married can be extremely effective in minimizing uncertainty regarding these issues when a divorce occurs. Our lawyers will inform you of the law and develop a marriage pact that will protect you in the unfortunate event of a future divorce.

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