Cabinet Contract Agreement

Manufacturing and installation of kitchen cabinets according to design documents Delivery cabinets to site owner for installation Provide and install blind-ecke exit mechanism, Model - Rev-A-Shelf 4WLS882-35-570 Place and install 50 quarter double trash/recycling, model - Rev-A-Shelf 5349-2150DM2 Place and install custom panel integrated for customer dishwashers Supplied and install Crown shape as shown in the design diagram Summary of kitchen cabinets:o:o Face frame with unfinished open doors and drawers with modified folded "Rockridge" (as defined in the design document)o Cabinet boxes are made of 3/4" (9-lagig) prefabricated maple wood, where the cabinets are hidden by a fixed door and " (9-lagig) in plywood, where the interior closets are visible by glass door panels. The faceframes are poplar. The cabinets will have hidden Blumotion hinges and soft Blumotion narrow shock absorbers installed on top of each case. Three shelves will be contained in each cabinet and all shelves are adjustable with a mobile pen systemo doors and drawer trays are solid hardwood boxes of Mapleo drawers are installed in solid nested maple with an imperial finish and with soft blumotion sheets of invisible extension corded saupe. All drawer floors are built with 1/4" plywood and have a static weight class of 75 lbs, with the exception of 3 oversized drawers that have 1/2" plywood floors and a static weight class of 110 lbs.o. The cabinets with glass front doors have paint quality plywood interior materials ready for finishing and varnishing, I recommend that you get as much detail as possible in your contract, and if possible, consequences for missed delivery times - contracts are not for times when everything is going well. Let them protect you if they don`t. I had a scammer for a contractor who seemed cute and friendly and helpful, I paid half before for cabinets and other work and materials, and all he did was demolish my old kitchen (and most likely sell for even more profit). Then I found out that he had been prosecuted 15 times. In the past, he had sometimes been responsible only for cabinets and had sometimes simply never delivered, whereas he sometimes supplied cabinets to lower specifications than promised. Check in addition to a contract, make sure they are suing your contractor and your table business, are you looking for the company`s founding documents (Will your supplier continue to turn the page? Or bouncing checks to the state? If so, there is probably a reason) and Better Business Bureau.

Also make sure that the name of the company in the contract matches the name of the company or the state-registered DBA name and that you are both all pages of a multi-page contract.



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