Canada Us Procurement Agreement

For more information on the provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement on public procurement, visit the TPP Ministry`s website. The WTO has published the annexes and annexes of the public procurement agreement (which it calls "AMP" in place of the GPA) presented by each party. [3] For Canada, Schedule I lists 81 federal government agencies, including most government agencies and authorities, which are generally related to the PGA, as well as a specific list of goods that are covered when acquired by the largely exempt Department of Defence and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Schedule II plans to extend the PMO to Canadian provincial units, subject to certain exceptions, such as promotion restrictions. B of environmental quality, when a multi-lateral agreement on sub-central agencies is reached, but no such agreement has been reached and no provinces have been added to this list. This is in stark contrast to the United States, which, despite the absence of a multi-lateral WTO agreement on public procurement by sub-central agencies, has already added 37 states to Schedule II. [4] Appendix III adds nine government corporations to the PMO, including the Canada Post Corporation and four museums, that have listed Canada in the PGA. However, like Schedule II, Schedule III does not currently bind Canada because the parties to the PGA have not reached an agreement on the inclusion of companies such as those owned by Crown that are not considered "businesses." [5] Similarly, Schedule IV proposes to submit to the PGA certain non-construction services, including legal services, accounting and software implementation, and Appendix V proposes to include most of the work in the PGA. [6] Today, the main problem with public procurement in Canada is the inclusion of "Buy American" rules contained in the ARRA. Because provincial and municipal government procurement is not NAFTA and Canada has not added provinces to Schedule II of the PGA, it was not initially exempted from the "Buy American" provisions of the ARRA. The Government of Canada has been requesting a waiver for eight months and the National Post and Calgary Herald are two of the various news organizations that recently announced that the government`s efforts could be successful.



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