Chomp Chomp Pronoun Agreement Answers

In addition, a pronoun must correspond to its predecessor. To navigate successfully, you need to know these singular and plural pronouns: another group of indeterminate pronouns is the singular or plural, depending on the information from the prepositional sentence that follows. Many people form a company, a school or an organization. However, consider these three groups as a singular for the purposes of pronoun agreement and use them, them or yourself, to maintain conformity. The plural pronouns their and them are logical choices for Specht + Mate and cheerleader + T baton twirler. Whenever you use a personal name like them, he or she, you must first determine its predecessor, the word that replaces the pronoun. In most cases, you don`t need to discuss whether you need the singulate or plural form. These require your more careful attention. Aunt Ida cooks everything you choose in the garden. Wash them so as not to dirty your impeccable countertop! The woodpecker and his buddy did their best to oust the squirrel their nest had stolen. Another possibility is to add the word members after a collection addition. The members are a plural precursor and demand a them, their, their, etc.

When Grandpa has dinner, family members stretch out their budget by eating dollar items from the value card at Tito`s Taco Palace. . Gustavo slowed down to the speed limit when he saw the police cruiser in the rearview mirror. . Some of these shoes smell because Tina wears them in the barn. The committee decided to spend its budget surplus on officers. The committee disagrees on whether they should provide financial assistance to Billie after suffering a concussion in an unfortunate yo-yo accident. The members of the commission wished they had spent their surplus on soft teddy bears, not on yo-yos depressing the skull. . Collective names call groups (which are things) composed of members (who are usually human beings).

* Some people do not consider any as a strictly singular word, a contraction of person. We at Grammar Bytes! rally to the alternative belief that no one is the opposite of everyone else and that just as everyone can be either singular or plural. The exercises here will reflect this belief. When Grandpa starts cooking liver, the family quickly finds other plans for his meals. The team agreed to organize a car wash to fund their most remote game. The butterfly and bee drank their filling nectar in the backyard garden....



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