Commercial Shop Leave And License Agreement

12. The licensee must maintain the authorized premises in good condition and not cause them. Where the licensee or his collaborators, agents or representatives cause damage to the premises or parts thereof, the licensee shall remedy this, at the licensee`s expense, either by remedying the damage or by paying a cash compensation which may be fixed by the licensor`s architect. And while the licensee applied to the licensor to allow the licensee to occupy and temporarily use part of these premises in that building for, for example. sq. ft. for the exercise of its activity, on the basis of short-term leave and licences. Wherever the laws should be respected, the laws must be respected by all and, in cases related to real estate or in the Leave and License Agreement, the laws apply everywhere to the owner and the tenant, i.e. This license and this agreement are also terminated when the licensor assigns its transaction that it has held in the leased premises as a sued business, as well as the benefit of rental rights in the above-mentioned leased premises, and, in this case, the licensee will leave the premises. Leave and license agreement and the terms and conditions mentioned therein are relevant or not to z.B. .

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