Donor Recipient Agreement

So, if the law is so clear that donors are donors and not parents, why are people nervous about the conception of donors for home insemination and why do donors and recipients worry about it? Well, the fact is that the law is quite complex and we do not know who is a donor and who is a parent. Sperm donor relationships can sit anywhere on a range of arrangements, from an anonymous donor known only by his first name to a co-parenting agreement where children call him "dad" and spend time with him every weekend. Such a case was the subject of the High Court case of Masson and Parsons & Anor. Genetics does not make parents. And as an egg donor, I find clarity and comfort in this fact, as most donors do. We don`t want to be parents, we are happy to be donors. Most donors are open to registration as donors in the birth register, but are not listed in the birth certificate. And most of us understand that donors have the right to have access to information about their conception and genetic makeup. For many of us, we have a lasting relationship with parents, and children grow up when they learn their conception from the donor, so this is not a problem. 9 There is no promise, collusion, agreement or assurance between the parties that are not expressly mentioned in this WITNESS, the parties who performed this AGREEMENT in the city ______ and in the state ____ on the day and year first signature name of the donor (print)Recipient Recipient Name (Print) If you are a single woman or lesbian couple, If they are considering the use of a sperm donor who is known or who enters into a co-parenting agreement, it is advisable to agree on a documented educational agreement with your child`s father prior to conception. 21.

This Agreement contains the full understanding of the Parties. . . .



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