Dwp Commercial Agreement For The Provision Of Employment And Health Related Services (Caehrs)

The DWP has published details of its new method of providing work aid. The Health and Employment Services Service Agreement (CAEHRS) has a maximum duration of 5 years worth $7.5 billion. The new framework will replace the current framework agreement, which expires in January 2021. CAEHRS` objective is to support the implementation of employment and health programs and will be the standard means of contracting with the national employment-oriented programs market if more effective market access routes are not identified. It will also be available for use across government as well as by other adjudicator powers. The projects are all on Jaggaer with the following project codes: transverse ITT: Itt_21472Lot 1 (central England): Itt_21471Lot 2 (North West England): Itt_21474Lot 3 (north-west England): Itt_21475Lot 4 (south of England) England) country: Itt_21476Lot 5 (London and home counties): Itt_21477Lot 6 (Wales): Itt_21478Lot 7 (Scotland): Itt_21479 Ministry of Labour and Pensions (DWP), has launched a new trade agreement on employment and health services (CAEHRS). This new framework will replace the current framework agreement, which expires in January 2021. CAEHRS will be the primary vehicle through which the ministry will enter into a contract with the employment services market over the next 5 years. The agreement was valued at an interim indicative value of $7.5 billion over these five years.

CAEHRS is a framework to facilitate the provision of employment and health services to the government and other contracted agencies in England, Wales and Scotland. It will last a maximum of 5 years at a value of $7.5 billion. The DWP held two webinars on June 24 and 25, details of the agreement/supply provided. All organizations that missed them can view slides and speaker notes from these events, as well as a Q-A protocol via the jaggaer e-procurement system. The DWP also provides for a number of focus groups for organisations wishing to apply for a place at CAEHRS, including a special event for Scottish organisations, which will be organised in collaboration with the Scottish Government. The information will be published in due course, confirming specific schedules and dates for these events, it will disseminate it. #ff0000; >pdate from 15 July: the Scottish Government/DWP has not yet published further information on these priority groups. Please note that ERSA will continue to provide details as known, but all organizations interested in CAERHS will be asked to register through Bravo, where you will find the latest information, questions and answers.

All issues must be submitted through the system and also show interest in participation in concentration groups or an offer for a place in the agreement.



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