Exness Client Agreement

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of the new version of the customer contract, you must send a request to close your account to support@exness.com within five (5) days from the date of publication of this release. If such a request is not received within five (5) days from the date of publication of this communication, the updated customer agreement is automatically considered an agreement agreement and enters into force. Do you want to expand your customer network? To become an ex-partner today! We invite you to review the new version of the customer agreement that governs the relationship between Exness Limited and its customers. You can check the changes and additions to the customer agreement on our website. Please note that our contract specifications indicate the average spread, as spreads float. We update average spreads on our website every business day. The spreads in the table refer to the previous business day. Discover global markets by trading CFDs across a wide range of asset classes, including currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, energy, indices and equities. Enjoy reliable order execution and competitive spreads. Margin requirements for certain instruments are defined regardless of the leverage you use. These instruments are included in the table above among the Exotic, Crypto, Energy, Stocks and Index groups.

Margin requirements for palladium and platinum are also defined. This is a formal announcement by Exness Limited regarding the changes we have made to our customer agreement. At Exness, we know what it does when your pending order falls into a price gap, so it`s just that we don`t guarantee slippage for virtually every pending orders executed for an instrument at least 3 hours after trading opens. However, if your order meets one of the following criteria, it is executed at the first exchange price following the spread: The following rules apply when setting pending levels: Please note that on Wednesday (for currency pairs and metals) and Friday (for indices, stocks and energies) will be charged three times the swaps to cover the weekend`s expenses. All margin and swap rates are regularly audited and monitored. Not yet confident in your trading skills? Open a demo account and practice forex trading in a risk-free environment. The new version of the customer contract will take effect five (5) business days after this press release is published on Exness` website. The Gap Level Regulation applies to certain commercial instruments on our standard accounts, Standard Cent, Raw Spread, Pro and Zero. Learn more at our help centre.

From 15 minutes before and up to 5 minutes after the publication of high-level economic news, margin requirements for new positions affected by published messages are calculated on the basis of a maximum leverage of 1:200. After this period, the margin of these positions will be recalculated based on your account money and the leverage selected. From 19:00 GMT-0 on Friday to 23:00 GMT-0 on Sunday, margin requirements for new positions are calculated on the basis of a maximum leverage of 1:200. Spread is scored 0.0 pips for 95% of the trading day for instruments with an asterisk. You will find information about the live broadcast in the commercial terminal. Features, commission-free accounts that are a good fit for all traders, including beginners. Highlights include market execution, stable spreads, not recount rates.



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