Facility Management Agreement Draft

negotiate economically reasonable prices and conditions; (C) ordering, receiving, configuring, installing, testing, maintaining and distributing all new supplier equipment; (D) monitor and manage assets for all such supplier equipment; and (E) tracking the number of licenses, informing the company of exemptions from existing license number restrictions, and assisting the company in restoring compliance with existing license limits. With regard to all new rental equipment leased by the supplier and which may be taken over by the company at the end of this contract, 1. The Supplier shall structure its leasing agreements in such a way that the applicable leases may be assigned to the Enterprise at the end or expiry of this Agreement and that all outstanding payments under such leasing agreements that the entity is required to pay after such assignment, with and not above the payments to be made by the Supplier prior to such assignment and (2) such leases are subject to prior control and approval by the company. Transition entrepreneur. "transitional contractor" means the relevant contractors whose subcontracts are either terminated or assigned in accordance with section 12.23 (ii). In accordance with its obligations under local laws transposing ARD laws, all relevant collective agreements and other applicable laws, the Supplier shall provide the Company, in writing, with the information necessary to enable the Company to fulfil its information and consultation obligations in a timely manner in accordance with ARD and other applicable laws. The intention of the parties is that the ARD laws apply to each of the employees concerned in the ARD countries ("employees concerned by ARD"), that the date of transfer provided for by the ARD law is the date of recruitment by the supplier and that the employment contract between the company and each of the ARD employees concerned enters into force on the day and from the date of hiring by the supplier, as if it were initially between each of these ARD employees and suppliers concerned. Litigation and (iii) the supplier did not charge the company for the offending amounts and was paid by the company. . .




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