Franchise Agreement Questionnaire

For a franchise to meet the needs of customers, successfully and especially a "happy family," there must be a permanent two-way communication between franchisors and franchisees. Ask the franchisor: □ How many hours do I have to work? What hours are required outside of official business hours, for example. B for reflection work? Look at your own level of engagement. What is the agreement between what is needed and what you are prepared to do? Talk to existing franchisees and the franchisor. Lorraine Lords` background includes the roles of foreign service and duty-free business coaching, as well as the position of national training manager for an award-winning British franchise. She is co-repairer of the New Zealand Magazine - Website franchise Your conversation with a current (or former) franchisee may be a little more relaxed than with a franchisor, as it is a franchise relationship with franchise. In the end, you want to better understand what a typical day is in your world: the ups and downs that come with owning a franchise. □ On what basis can the franchisor terminate the contract? Most franchise agreements will have a number of standard and sometimes scary clauses. Take advice on whether they are useful or not. □ What benchmarking systems do you use? Do all franchisees have performance comparisons in key areas? Is there any help in analyzing areas of improvement? This is an essential advantage of franchises over independent companies. Technology makes benchmarking simple these days and is part of most good franchise systems.

The purchase of a deductible includes various costs: departure and operating costs, training fees, warehouse, store or vehicles, and so on. If the franchisor submits a good disclosure document, all of these are clearly documented to avoid any confusion or embarrassment at a later date. But it`s a good idea to make sure you`ve clearly written all the points below. Ask the franchisor: □ Can I spend some time with an existing franchisee or in an outlet to see if I like it? How long? At what stage of the purchase process? □ what are the systems to keep franchisees in touch? Z.B. Mailings, e-mail, Intranet, closed social media groups, SMS notifications, telephone assistance, personal visits, newsletters, seminars, regional meetings, conferences. How regular are they? □ does the franchise make promotions related to databases for customers? How is the database created and managed? Can franchisees choose which offers are made to which customers? □ What if I don`t like business? On what basis can I terminate the contract? □ What is the duration of the lease relative to the duration of the franchise agreement? What will happen if my lease is not renewed? □ Did you conduct your own pilot operation in New Zealand prior to franchising? If not, why? How long did you operate the pilot in the event of a new franchise and how successful is it? Can I see the numbers? Do you intend to continue to run a franchise business and business? How many takes? What guarantee is there that they are not competing with outlet franchises? □ Will the company support a family or will my partner also have to work outside the company? Is there potential for my partner to work in the business? Is it better to be alone or to have someone else with me? Studies show that support and understanding of your family is a key factor in the success of franchisees.



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