Good Friday Agreement John Hume

"This is a historic moment on this island, but above all it is a moment of deep sadness." Former Catholic president of the Social Democratic and Moderate Workers` Party (SDLP), Hume, was seen as the main architect of the peace deal that ended 30 years of sectarian violence, known as The Troubles. He rejected the possibility of becoming deputy prime minister in the new Northern Ireland assembly, formed under the agreement, and proposed long-time SDLP MP Seamus Mallon in his place. "This agreement is still in force and it is the foundation of the political processes we are currently considering. John Hume and his good friend, Senator Ted Kennedy, in Bogside As chairman of the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), he devised and devised a solution to the problems that were supported in London, Dublin, Washington and Brussels, and then in Northern Ireland even during the overwhelming vote in favour of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. "The favorite word he loved about himself was `glue,`" Durkan said. He knew it was necessary to reach an agreement that would create institutions and agreements. He has always been looking for a solution, not an attitude. The vast majority of trade unionists rejected the deal and organised a massive and peaceful public rally in Belfast city centre to show their dislike. Many Republicans and nationalists also opposed it, believing that it did not go far enough. [22] Hume, however, continued the dialogue with both governments and Sinn Féin. The "Hume Adams trial" ultimately provided the IRA ceasefire of 1994, which ultimately provided the relatively peaceful context in which the Good Friday Agreement was negotiated.

[21] A solution to the old problem could only be found with the agreement of the Protestants. Easter 1998, northern Ireland`s major political parties signed a peace agreement known as the Good Friday Agreement. In the autumn of 1998, the Nobel Committee decided to award the Peace Prize to two persons at the centre of the peace process in the civil war-torn province. "So far, there have been many initiatives and attempts to tackle our problems, all more or less failed, and the only thing that has been successful is the 1998 agreement.



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