Has The Withdrawal Agreement Been Reopened

This sensational assertion is at odds with the presentation of the Downing Street negotiations: the Prime Minister hopes to win Parliament`s approval because it is not the same as that of his predecessor, who has been rejected three times by MPs. Brussels has poured cold water on Boris Johnson`s assertion that it negotiated a brand new Brexit deal with the EU. and insisted that he never again took up the withdrawal agreement for him. The spokesman denies that the withdrawal agreement has resumed. He said the 27 heads of state and government rejected any request from May`s successor next month to resume Brexit negotiations on the withdrawal deal, which includes citizens` rights, the Irish border and the money Britain owes the EU. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the EU`s Executive Commission, said bloc leaders agreed that the Brexit deal, which has been rejected three times by the British Parliament, would not be reopened. "Our overall vision was that in the coming weeks will come," the source said. "The nature of these negotiations is that bigger players will start to engage when we get to the final stage." To renegotiate the Brexit withdrawal agreement, one must be aware of the "comprehensive" work that has been devoted to the current agreement, the finance minister has said. The head of the Bank of England on Friday rejected Johnson`s proposals to avoid tariffs on trade with the EU, even if the country leaves the bloc without a withdrawal agreement. Donald Tusk, president of the European Council and chairman of the EU heads of state and government meetings, said there could be changes in the political declaration that accompanies the legally sealed withdrawal agreement. The statement is vague, but it addresses a number of other issues, including the outlines of a future trade relationship between the EU and the UK.

The EU has said the text of the withdrawal deal with Theresa May could never be reopened. But that`s all. Paschal Donohoe said yesterday that the European Union did not want to resume Brexit talks because Britain has already negotiated a deal with Brussels twice in the three and a half years it has left the bloc. Brussels has insisted for months never to reopen the withdrawal agreement it has complied with with Theresa May, so the Commission`s recent assertion may be that it wants to preserve its credibility. In October, the EU reiterated that it would not reopen the new withdrawal agreement as part of the current extension of Brexit. "There is no point in thinking about timetables that go beyond that," he will say. "If we can`t agree by then, I don`t see that there will be a free trade agreement between us, and we should accept it and continue." The French Secretary of State for European Affairs has confirmed that the EU-27 is not prepared to denounce the Brexit withdrawal agreement and that without a "new political line" in the UK or a second referendum, Britain should expect to leave the bloc on 31 October. BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union will not reopen the Brexit deal with Britain, a Bloc diplomat said on Tuesday, after Prime Minister Theresa May said there must be a "significant" change to the deal to win the support of parliament.

"It is important to report the changes to the withdrawal agreement. There have been many, many calls for the re-opening of the withdrawal agreement, there have been many expectations about the potential for significant change," he said yesterday in Dublin.



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