How To Deal With Disagreements With Parents

Hello, please, guess how I will sell with this father a piece of faMILY land, claim that it is illegitimate and the son`s mother pushes it too much to let it settle somewhere, but not in the family country. I tried to consult with my older brother to avoid the problem of selling the country and allow the son, go home and join the rest of the family, but the whole effort is wrong. Please guess how to handle this? Try to be the biggest person. Even if your parents call you by name, try to avoid conversation or refuse to acknowledge your point of view. It doesn`t help to get upset. If there are any, it will only be taken into account in the idea that you are not mature enough. Family business comes with decades of luggage that hasn`t been completely unpacked. It`s easy to get distracted during a heated argument and reflect on any perceived injustice you`ve ever suffered. It`s okay to agree with your parents. Do it in a way that doesn`t make them see you as an eternal child.

You and your partner need to determine the consequences of breaking the rules in your home. If your educational styles are very different, this can be a field of conflict. Some parents are relaxed about discipline and prefer to simply talk to children about mistakes. Other parents are extremely strict and think that mocking certain sentences is the way to keep a home on track. Personally, I hate all conflicts. I`m the kind of person who would apologize to someone, even though I know they`re wrong just to end bad feelings between us. Unfortunately, this is probably not the best approach and usually ends with the fact that you look a bit like a push-over and feel. Despite the fact that you don`t want to be a pushover, you should also want to keep as much peace as possible, especially with your parents. After all, they`re the reason you`re alive and (most parents anyway) feed you, dress you, and probably love you a lot more deeply than you`ll ever know. As we work through our differences, we learn to navigate conflicts, to defend our opinions and positions.



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