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Information for service providers on the standard contract for human services in NSW. The HSA is officially referred to as the Service Funding Agreement, but it is usually referred to as the "HSA" for a simple reference. Information for service providers regarding the use of DocuSign for the electronic signing of human services contracts with DCJ. The following standard sub-contract has been established for use by major contractors and subcontractors for the provision of human services funded under the NSW Human Services Agreement. You can download the template in PDF format via the link below. Download Checklist 8 - Things to consider before entering into a subcontract. The Office of Emergency Management offers a simple toolkit to help community service providers understand their disaster risks and take simple steps to prepare. Often, subcontracting has to be prepared in a hurry following the announcement of a successful tender and there are many subcontracting agreements in the sector that are insufficient. In addition, there may be other important issues that should be addressed in your subcontract, depending on the nature of the subcontract agreement you wish to enter into. Online services for Australian NGOs and service provider organisations, including performance standards and pathways and online management support. News, guidelines, resources, tools and other information on funded contracts and the provision of funded services. The Human Services Agreement is an NSW government document that sets out the standard conditions applicable to organizations (called non-governmental organizations on ProcurePoint) that provide human services funded by NSW government authorities. The guide also contains a checklist for organizations that develop subcontract agreements, particularly those that use the proposed public utility right as a subcontract agreement (above).

It describes the key terms and conditions of subcontracts and important considerations in the design and execution of a subcontract. As of August 1, 2017, the Human Services Agreement will apply to all organizations funded by a government authority in NSW to provide "human services." Human services are defined by the NSW government as programs, facilities or services provided to meet the health, well-being and social needs of individuals, families and communities. DCJ uses the National Standard Chart of Accounts for financial documentation with its funded service providers. Information about joint working agreements and their impact on the contract with us. For more information on the Human Services Agreement, please visit the ProcurePoint website and the NSW Procurement Board Direction. An A-Z of all guidelines, guides, fact sheets and forms for funded DCJ service providers. Contains information about Community Builder, Social Benefits Bonds, Industry Development, NSW Food and NSW Shows Programme Download our Model Human Services Agreement as part of our Guide to the Human Services Agreement....



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