Pegasus Agreement

You are solely responsible for your own comments, the consequences of posting these comments and the consequences of trusting others on the comments of others, whether on the Pegasus website, on social networks or in some other way. By submitting your comment on its website, you give Pegasus the right, but not the obligation to publish, use, use, distribute, distribute or use other information about all forms of media that you now know around the world, worldwide, to reproduce, distribute, distribute or otherwise use, as well as other information that you provide on all forms of media that are now known around the world. Pegasus disclaims any responsibility for the content of messages, information or documents downloaded, posted, broadcast or transmitted by persons using or other Pegasus websites and operated by Pegasus. However, Pegasus reserves the right, but does not reserve the obligation to control, modify, delete or refuse, at its sole discretion, the content of third parties deemed offensive by Pegasus, in violation of the applicable law or these Terms and Conditions, or for any other reason or for any reason. Pegasus may also disclose all the information necessary to comply with laws, regulations, court proceedings or administrative requests. q) Pegasus website or website: all websites, mobile sites, micro-sites owned by Pegasus and/or operated by Pegasus, including, but not limited to and, as well as content accessible via Pegasus Mobile applications. These terms and conditions (and the terms and conditions of other suppliers referred to here) constitute the whole agreement between you and Pegasus with respect to travel bookings made with Pegasus, that is, the full agreement between you and Pegasus, including the De Pegasus website, and these terms and conditions that replace all prior or simultaneous communications and suggestions, whether electronic, oral or written, between Pegasus and you, your representatives, your representatives or your representatives. A printed version of these Terms and Conditions and your consent, as well as any notification provided in electronic form, is permitted in legal or administrative proceedings based on your relationship with Pegasus to the same extent and under the same conditions as other business documents and records originally established and held in the normal framework of operations. 3.1.3. Non-charter air services carried out by Pegasus on the basis of an agreement with a tour operator or other organiser. For these services, the service contract is concluded between the passenger and the tour operator or another organizer and Pegasus is not a party to this service company. The transport of cargo by Pegasus air is also carried out on the basis of a separate agreement between Pegasus and the shipper.

The conditions set out in Pegasus` general rules apply only to the types of services covered in this paragraph, as long as they apply to those services. You hereafter state that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and have the legal authority to enter into these and other agreements and to make travel reservations with Pegasus by all means, including our website, in accordance with all applicable conditions. You are solely financially responsible for all expenses and expenses related to your travel bookings (and the use of your account by others, including minors living with you). You agree to monitor the total use of Pegasus communication by minors under your name or account. You also ensure and guarantee that all the information provided by you or members of your household with Pegasus is true and accurate.



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