Podcast Guest Agreement Template

Gordon Firemark has a free service for which you can register with podcastrelease.com with your name and email address. However, if you prefer to create your own custom form, you can consider the following websites as an inspiration: Now you`re wondering why you need a podcast-guest release form. Maybe you`re just getting started, and your show hasn`t even been accepted by iTunes. You may have less than 1000 downloads. It`s not that you`re a big show, and your guests may not even be as well known. What is business? This is a super simple guest podcast version that guarantees you to get all the rights on your podcast interview. You don`t want Ted Talks to get the whole bunch of interviews from your guest, do you? That is not what we thought. In the best case scenario, not using a podcast-guest release form could end up costing you time and causing you a considerable amount of excessive stress. In the worst case scenario, it could cost you money and jeopardize your show and even your business. So you think you`re ready to invite guests to be interviewed in your podcast. Or is it you? Using the Podcast-Gastvertrag is a proven method for all podcasting professionals who want to stay on the same page with their guests and answer questions such as: A short and sweet podcast version that gets all the rights you need for your podcast interview and that is as fluid as the voice of donations from a public radio host. Authorized use: This model is reserved for your individual use. You can reuse this form as often as you need for your business transactions or in multiple brands or companies, as long as it is owned and controlled by the same buyer.

Brittany Ratelle LLC grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the model in your business or personal business. You can send it to anyone you do business with for their signature (including their support staff), and you can send it to a lawyer to verify or process it. After all, what happens if you do the interview and it doesn`t go as planned? Your podcast may be family-friendly, and the guest wasn`t so supportive of the family. You may have thought that the guest had a lot to do on a particular subject, and she really didn`t say much. Whatever the reason, the podcast-gastvertrag should give an "out" to the podcast owner. It should say something that podcast owners are not required to publish or otherwise use the podcast episode or recordings. In other words, just because an interview took place does not mean that the interview will finally be open to the public. This was shared in a Facebook group where I`m for podcasting, and I thought the Reddit podcasting community could also benefit. I downloaded it, I included the text of the document in Google documents, changed the font and some formats to make it a little more beautiful and match my brand. Ps: I am in no way related to the person who created the free podcast guest publication. Promised to Pinky! I really thought others could benefit.

We have written these documents specifically for creative entrepreneurs - online educators, coaches, podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, designers, photographers and other creators. They may not work very well for a brick and mortar pizza shop or shop, but they are already suitable for your creative online business. As we have said before, we are not lawyers.



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