Renewing A Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

The advantage of issuing another fixed-term contract is that tenants are frozen for a fixed term, but they may not want to commit to an additional six or twelve months, in which case you might consider a periodic tenancy agreement. There are indeed some advantages of walking on the contractual route on the non-contractual, which discussed hayley in the comment #33 (scroll down), it is also discussed at the periodic rental that I linked above. In short, the benefits relate to landlords avoiding liability for the Commission`s tax charges when an eviction notice has been notified to a tenant, who is otherwise found liable. It`s a little weird. My point is to make sure that at the end of a fixed term, you check the damage and redefine the deposit details so that the system provider knows that a new lease has started. Protection helps landlords because they are diligent in respecting their duty of care in the processing of tenant bonds. I wanted to extend the lease for an additional year with a six-month break clause just because I live with my family and there are two little babies in the house and we wanted some stability. What is important is that they have a fixed-term lease and that the lease cannot be terminated for 6 months, even if it has a break clause that can do so (provided it is their first lease in the property). At the end of the fixed tenancy period, the tenant can remain in the occupancy of the property and his tenancy agreement becomes a "periodic" lease.

Periodic rent can be terminated by both parties without notice - usually 2 months for a secure short-term lease and 4 weeks for unsecured short-term contracts. An ongoing contract has the advantage that neither party is obliged to do anything unless they want to terminate the lease, which may be helpful in certain circumstances. First check the links below with your original rental date, note if the deposit is still protected. Even if you find it protected by one, check all three. So call the company concerned and ask if the coverage was continuous, I say because sloppy agents often forget to renew their coverage (usually based on insurance), which sometimes expires in 15 months if not renewed. If a lease is not terminated and new contracts are not signed while the tenant remains in the property, the lease becomes a periodic lease (or "rolling lease"). It`s perfect. A periodic lease continues under the same conditions and you should pay your rent as usual. It will run monthly or weekly, depending on how often your rent was due during the fixed period.

If the landlord wishes to end a periodic rent, he must send the tenant a written notice of two months, but remember that if he wants to leave, the tenant must cancel in writing only one month, which can cause inconvenience. What if you decide just before Christmas to go, you will be able to rent the property immediately, or you will end up with a void? This may be the perfect time to reassess your lease if the current one, which you do not include, contains insufficient clauses (for whatever reason).



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