Salal Dam Agreement

It is reported that this restored some of the tank`s capacity and increased it to 10,000 acre ⋅ ft (12,000,000 m3). [32] The funds will be used by NBPCL for the realization of 225 MW hydroelectric projects and electrical components of 12 large multipurpose projects in Madhya Pradesh, the statement said. As the treaty caused Pakistan to lose the three eastern rivers on the edge of India, its dependence on the Chenab River increased. She viewed the Salal project with great concern. Even limited storage in a relatively low dam upstream was seen as a flood risk, if not a threat, which could flood India with Pakistani arable land through a sudden discharge of water. Similarly, India could hold water in its reservoir and let it starve to death. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, foreign minister and future prime minister, argued that the dam could be strategically used as an instrument of war to sink Pakistan`s armor.



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