Salary Band 17 In Accordance With The Collective Labour Agreement For Research Centres

Approval of scientific research funding defines reciprocal commitments to staff recruited by institutions and funded by the Dutch Research Community (NWO, Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek). These are based on the collective agreements of the VSNU (for universities) and the NFU (for academic medical centres). The amount of staff costs to be financed can be taken into account in the salary scales of the Dutch Association of Universities (Dutch abatement: VSNU). The salary scales were agreed in the "Memorandum of Understanding for the Promotion of Scientific Research" and are based on the collective agreement (Dutch abbreviated: CAD) of Dutch universities. Employees with UvAnetID will find more information in their faculty or unit`s A-Z list. The salary range for a post-doc is between 3,545 and 4,852 euros per month (scale 11). The information on the collective agreement provided on this page is not exhaustive and it is therefore not possible to deduct rights. If you want to read the full text of the Dutch collective agreement (NU CAD), you can download it in its entirety or click on the hyperlinks to view the corresponding articles of the OAC. A PhD student earns between 2,266 and 2,897 euros per month (scale P). The allowances and social benefits agreed with the trade unions must be recorded in the collective agreement of Dutch universities.

The caoNU (the latest version of the collective agreement), valid from January 1, 202, can be downloaded from the menu on the right. Salary scales depend on your training, level of knowledge and experience. The pay scales are available on the VSNU website (in Dutch) under Salarissen/Premies. Vacancies have recently been created at Tenure Track University, as many Dutch universities are temporary and job security is considered very low. The authorisation of the funding of scientific research defines reciprocal obligations towards staff recruited by the institutions and funded by the Dutch research community (NWO, Nederlandsetie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek). The total remuneration for the use of researchers/scientists depends on the nature of the researcher (for example. B the doctoral researcher or a senior researcher), the length of the appointment (years and months) and whether the position is full-time or part-time. A more experienced candidate with the potential to become a hoofddocent university can become a Tenure Track-Universitair professor. After four to six years, their performance is evaluated and those who have received published and preserved vain grunts are promoted to the university horn. The conditions of use uvA are explained to you before the start of work.

Your salary, the nature and duration of the appointment and other important aspects will be discussed. You will also receive information about UVA systems and their use. The O.P. department of your faculty or department will make an appointment with you to discuss the above. During the meeting, all necessary information and documents will be gathered to formally agree on your appointment. A teacher`s salary scales range from 3,545 to 5,513 euros per month (scales 11 and 12) depending on qualifications and experience levels. The 2017-2019 version of CLA is available on this link: THE VSNU negotiates with the unions the remuneration and benefits of higher education staff (excluding the board of directors).



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