Secondment Agreement Oxford University

Detachment is essentially temporary and, therefore, the duration would not normally exceed 12 months (with an absolute maximum of 2 years). A secondment can only last a few weeks and can be offered part-time, while the material position continues on a reduced basis. Before reaching agreement on a secondment, considerations should be taken into account: For staff: Detachments offer career opportunities and the opportunity to acquire new skills and experiences and broaden horizons. Detachment may offer the opportunity to expand and deepen the experience instead of necessarily working with work at a higher level or level. "This will inevitably mean that university members will be confronted with views that some find disturbing, extreme or offensive. The university must therefore promote freedom of expression in a framework of robust politeness. Not all theories deserve the same respect. A university attaches importance to competence and intellectual performance as well as to openness. While the person`s services should not unduly deny consent to the possibility of secondment, there may be deposits where it is not viable to release the person operationally. If an internal detachment is considered in the short term, the years are generally no more than 12 months. A "second" is usually confirmed only if it is successfully appointed through an external recruitment procedure. As a general rule, the content of the MP`s appointment is reduced to zero hours for the duration of the secondment and the person is appointed to a secondment position in the new department that pays the salary directly. Payment: The content of the nomination is reduced to zero in The Core.

A new delegation, an appointment is set up and the person is paid against the new date for the duration of the appointment. The salary is paid in exchange for an appropriate academic grade and an appropriate point of scale. The company/college fee for appointments is charged. VAT may be applicable based on a number of factors, including the nature of the work to be done. VAT advice should be requested on a case-by-case basis by the university`s financial department before contractual agreements are concluded. (An exception may be made for contributions longer than 3 months, but less than 6 months with the agreement of LinkHR Business Partner.) An internal detachment agreement for the models is available from your HR partner.



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