Software Maintenance Agreement Terms And Conditions

2.1. During the maintenance period, Raritan provides maintenance services to support the software. Maintenance services include both technical support services and software versions. 1.5. Raritan Software Support Website refers to the website designated by Raritan under these Terms of Sale or elsewhere, on which the Customer may, among other things, register a service contract, obtain manuals and other technical information, and verify the client software licensing and services portfolio. 2.4.2. Raritan is not obligated to correct errors in the software within a specified time frame, as the software operates in a heterogeneous environment. In addition to these maintenance-specific clauses, the model also includes clauses relating to fees, payments, guarantees, liability limitations, force majeure, termination, termination, interpretation and general construction issues. 3.1. Limited warranty for maintenance services. Raritan guarantees, for a period of ninety (90) days after the provision of the existing maintenance service, that these maintenance services were provided in a professional manner and at least in accordance with the industrial standards in force at the time of service.

Raritan`s full liability and the client`s exclusive recourse under this limited warranty is made, at Raritan`s choice, or (a) the return of the maintenance costs paid by the customer with respect to the annual maintenance period during which these maintenance services were performed; or (b) the restoration of these maintenance services in a manner consistent with the aforementioned limited warranty. All maintenance services re-performed are guaranteed in accordance with the terms of this section for the remainder of the initial warranty period or thirty (30) days, depending on the longest period. If the customer does not accept these Terms and Conditions, the Customer may either refuse the question of the "Click-Through" agreement placed on the Raritan software support website at the time of the registration of the service contract. If these terms and conditions are presented outside the registration process, the Customer may send a refusal of this service contract via email to within 10 business days of registration, in order to obtain a full refund of the software maintenance services purchased separately.



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