Tum Learning Agreement For Traineeship

3 Stajénén zorunlu de`il ise bu k`s mlar` doldurunuz. The internship is voluntary and once the internship is successful, the institution agrees to award ECTS points: Yes No If so, please indicate the number of ECTS points:. Note: Yes No If so, please indicate if this is based on: Certificate of Internship Final Report Interview Draw the internship in the transcript of the apprentice`s recordings yes No Save the internship in the intern`s Supplement (or equivalent), unless the intern is a new graduate. Register the internship in the Apprentice`s Euross Mobility Document Yes No if the trainee is a graduate. This Host Organization/The company The trainee receives financial assistance for his internship: Yes No If so, amount in EUR/month:. The intern receives a contribution in kind for his internship: Yes No If so, please indicate:. Is the trainee insured by accident insurance? Yes No No If this is not the case, please indicate if the trainee is covered by accident insurance from the original institution: Yes No Accident insurance covers: - Accidents at work: Yes No - Accidents on the way to work and return from work: Yes No Is the trainee covered by civil liability? Yes No The host organization is committed to ensuring that the trainee has appropriate equipment and assistance. Once the internship is over, the organization or company agrees to provide an internship certificate. [maximum 5 weeks after the internship].

II. RESPONSIBLE PERSONS Head of the sending institution: Bu k`sma Belum Erasmus Koordinat-nzon ad`n` yaz`n`n`function: Abt. Erasmus Coord. Responsible person 3 in the organization/company receiving (responsible): Function: III. ENGAGEMENT OF THREE PARTIES By signing this document, the intern, the sending entity and the receptive entity/entity confirm that they approve the proposed apprenticeship agreement and will respect all agreements agreed by all parties. 3 The apprenticeship agreement defines the program of study or internships to be carried out abroad and must be approved by the student, the sending institution, the organization or the company before the start of the exchange. 4 The intern and the host organization/company notify the sending establishment of any problems or changes regarding the internship period. The intern (Bu késmé imzalay.) Azubi Signature The Sending Institution (Bu k`smé, Belum Erasmus Coordination imzalat-nz.) Signing of the person in charge The organization/receiving company (Bu k.smé, kara kuruma imzalat-néz.) Section of the signatures of the officials who, during the MAJOR mobility changes to the INITIAL ACCORD OF APPRENTISSAGE I. EXCEPTIONAL MODIFICATIONS OF THE PLANED MOBILITY PERIOD From [month/year].

Number of hours worked per week: internship title: Detailed internship program Knowledge, skills and skills that the trainee must acquire at the end of the internship follow-up plan. The intern, the sending agency and the host organization confirm that the proposed changes to the mobility program are approved. Authorization or signature of the intern, the person in charge of the sending establishment and the person responsible for the organization/company receiving it. 4 The three parties who sign the apprenticeship contract agree to respect all agreed agreements and to certify that the student will obtain recognition for studies or internships carried out abroad without any other requirements.



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