Two Wheeler Sub Dealer Agreement

(9) That in the event of termination of the contract, the invoice must be debited within two weeks. The company recovers all unsold shares and pays the invoice. The primary right would be to buy and sell products of the company, as indicated in the list indicated. The merchant would also be allowed to use company signs on his premises. The merchant may also be allowed to use the company`s intellectual property rights in advertisements and sales. 15. This Agreement shall be subject to delays due to strikes, floods, accidents or other causes not controlled by the manufacturer, whether occurring at the manufacturer`s factory or at the plant from which the manufacturer purchases part of its automobiles; and deliveries of automobiles purchased above must be made, as indicated above, subject to orders placed by other dealers and, as permitted by the manufacturer`s business. 5. Each car shall be sold by the dealer to the negotiator at a discount of _______ % of the manufacturer`s current list price and resold by the negotiator only at the manufacturer`s current list price, nor may the negotiator circumvent the spirit of this clause by discounts, allowances, donations or other means. You can be an old player or a new player, we have products that blow your breath away. If you are a newcomer to the market, you should consider our Startup package in order to meet a large number of legal startup documentation requirements. We even allow you to sign your documents online with aadhaar. In short, you can create a comfortable agreement from home.

Discover now! 13. Sous-dealer undertakes to accept the delivery of automobiles according to the attached schedule and to provide detailed specifications to this effect. . . .



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