Uf Housing Agreement

Accommodation: If you have specific accommodations related to medical needs, please visit housing.ufl.edu/living-options/terms-conditions/accommodation-requests/. After entering into a housing agreement, contact our office regarding room allocation information. To cancel the agreement, sign up for hms.housing.ufl.edu and choose "Contract" and then "Cancel the Contract." Johnson said she was also concerned that the UF could close homes in the fall and ask students to leave in the middle of the semester. It`s a bit like the spring, when UF President Kent Fuchs encouraged UF students to return to their hometowns in March, after Governor Ron DeSantis announced four UF students tested positive for COVID-19. The university did not close apartments, but asked students to leave the house. To view or create a group of roommates, log in to HMS (hms.housing.ufl.edu) and select "Allocation Settings." Groups of roommates are listed under the orange tab "Manage roommates." To create a group of roommates, enter the Gatorlink username for the student who must be in your roommate group. For confirmation, you will receive an email to the desired roommate. As soon as the roommates confirm, the group will be created. Students can see their group of roommates at any time in this area on HMS.

Still participated The deadline to terminate your housing contract if you still go to the University of Florida is On May 1st. Under the terms and conditions, the standard cancellation fee is $225. Creating a Gatorlink account is important - you need it to access your housing contract and do almost everything else online with the UF. A few days after your approval, you will receive an automated email inviting you to create your Gator digital identity. This account name is public and is used as your access to most UF information systems and will be your UF email address. You`ll only have one opportunity, so let it count. If you need help, please contact the IT support office at (352) 392-HELP (4357). After you create your Gatorlink account, go hms.housing.ufl.edu to make sure we have your latest contact information. To update your profile, click on your Gatorlink username in the top right corner of the page and select "Show/update the profile." Then click "Your Information" to check and make changes.

More than a third of UF housing contracts on campus for the upcoming academic year have been terminated, according to documents obtained by The Alligator.



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