Uni Ulm Learning Agreement During The Mobility

So much for the choice! Enjoy a highlight in the cafeteria and cafeteria menus to whet your appetite. We serve vegetarian options every day. Menus are larger during the semester than non-course periods. With your acceptance letter, you received feedback on the courses and modules you indicated in your study proposal. The time has come to conclude an apprenticeship agreement, as required by the Erasmus programme. Elements of education that have not been successfully completed abroad are not recognized; the number of recognizable credits is reduced and the equivalent components are removed to accommodate this reduction. However, the student may choose to take an equivalent exam at Ulm University for each component that has not been successfully completed abroad at the end of the mobility phase. The mobility coordinator is Volker Ziegler. If you have any questions or are interested in applying for one of the positions as part of our agreements, please contact me by email. The European Commission has presented a draft for the new apprenticeship agreements (and guidelines) that will be used by Erasmus participants. But it is very likely that each university has adapted it in one way or another, even if these versions can be very similar. Please always use your home university form. Please read the instructions for concluding the learning agreement.

If a course or module has been approved, you can list them in your learning agreement. If a course or module has not been approved, you must replace it with other courses or modules. In most cases, your future study consultant or department coordinator has made suggestions for alternatives. As part of his master`s thesis, Konstantin Sander compares the Von Ulm and Trier models and studies the impact on mobility. Please support him in his investigation: www.umfrageonline.com/s/uniulm do not replace the "apprenticeship agreement for studies" with an "apprenticeship agreement for internships." Erasmus studies and Erasmus internships are two separate programmes and we do not manage internships on the basis of Erasmus inter-institutional agreements. Students of the 2019/20 class: please email your Learning Agreement to erasmus (at)uni-ulm.de. Students of the 2020/21 class: load your online mobility apprenticeship contract. Level of language skills: this question necessarily focuses on the knowledge of the national language in the host country, but on the main language of teaching and work. If Components is chosen in different languages (national/English language), language is the main language of teaching where the event is heard the most.

The level of language is governed by the European framework of reference for languages:CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Recognition of study credits is within the competence of the examination juries. Request for recognition of study and exam results Participants in the Erasmus programme should be interviewed online about the recognition report as part of the EU survey. and the International Office must also take stock of the scope of the recognition report. On the other hand, students are not the only ones who can change the apprenticeship agreement; The host university or the home university may also be bitten by a change.



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