What Is A Section 256 Agreement Nhs

These instructions set conditions for all payments made by NHS England or CCGs in sections 256/257 and 76 NHS ACT 2006. The instructions are intended to ensure that these payments are linked to common financial management conditions. Integrated budgets will help provide integrated personal budgets to CIC, but their absence should not impede progress. Services can be jointly funded through a concerted budget to achieve agreed outcomes in which funding flows are managed separately. This does not require a Section 75 agreement or Section 256 payment. Under these schemes, there is no transfer of functions or host partner, and the legal obligations of each party therefore remain their own. However, given the perceived complexity time required to conclude formal bundled financing agreements, such options may be useful. NHS England should include in its agreements with local authorities reporting obligations so that it is informed of the use of the money, that it can account for these expenses and that it can be sure that the conditions of each transfer are met. If NHS wants to impose further conditions on England for transfers, it must first obtain written approval from the Ministry of Health. Payments must be made in accordance with Section 256 NHS Act 2006 and NHS England must enter into agreements with each local authority.

The usual conditions set out in Section 256 (as summarized above) apply, including the fact that NHS England must be satisfied that the payment will likely ensure more efficient use of the funds if an equivalent amount is spent by NHS England. In addition, a number of additional conditions apply: these updated instructions set out the conditions for all payments in accordance with sections 76 and 256/257 of the NHS Act 2006. These include money that NHS England must transfer in 2013/14 for social assistance, as well as all other payments agreed at the local level. We may provide you with submission agreements consistent with Section 256 of the NHS Act 2006 and the corresponding instructions from the Secretary of State. Our models can be used for: The operational framework requires PCTs to transfer these funds to local authorities to invest in social care services, to benefit health and improve the overall benefit of health. Transfers must be made through an agreement under Section 256 of the NHS Act 2006.



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