White Label Agreement In India

The white label agreement determines the scope and sets up the affiliate`s website. This includes the duration of the affiliate site setup, layout, tracking systems, and content download restrictions and permissions. The white label agreement also identifies the specific license agreement used for advertising, promotion and marketing. The detailed provisions of this Agreement govern the specification of the Product and its manufacture, the manufacture of packaging and documentation, the provision of product warranties, repair and customer support services, order and pricing details, and intellectual property both with respect to designs, patents, etc. applicable to the Product, as well as trademarks, copyrights, etc., applicable to reseller`s trademark. A white label agreement is an agreement created for the purpose of making generics by one party to be branded and sold for another party. Read 3 min The Dixons Store Group, for example, sells a variety of products from different manufacturers in its curry stores. Next to Sony, Panasonic, Hotpoint and Dyson is Matsui. Matsui is a brand owned by DSG and applies to white label products produced for the group. So it`s not uncommon to find an identical budget TV with two different brands in two different DSG stores.

What aspects should the parties consider in relation to the white label agreement based on the White Label Contracts Act? A number of agreement timelines provide users with considerable flexibility and freedom to define essential elements of the contract such as product specifications, packaging designs, manufacturing processes, customer support systems, purchase orders, product prices and warranties. For an affiliate to be able to do these things on behalf of a company, permission must be explicitly granted under a white label agreement so that the terms of the agreement protect the company and its rights. Since a recognizable brand will go a long way in maintaining and strengthening consumer confidence in a business, the branding process plays a very important role in the product resale process. When drafting a contract, you must regulate the entire relationship with your counterparty, prevent and minimize all possible legal risks and liabilities, and ensure that all contractual terms comply with applicable legal requirements. At AGP, we have experience in drafting different types of contracts for individuals and companies. Whatever your role, you will certainly receive competent professional legal assistance in drafting a white label agreement that guarantees your legal rights and interests. .



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